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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are we required to be a resident of FL to be married?

A No.  However, if one party is a resident there is a 3-day required waiting period between the day the license is purchased and the day the license will become effective for the couple to marry.   Non-residents do not have a waiting period.

PLEASE NOTE:  The waiting period is waived if a premarital preparation course is completed. Allowing the couple to marry the day they purchase the license. 

Q How old do you have to be to apply for a marriage license?

A At least 18 years of age. 


·         Q Where do you obtain a marriage license?

A You can complete and submit the online EMarriage Application which is required prior to your appointment at the Clerk's office.  The couple must appear before the Clerk.  There is a 30-day window after submitting your application to make your in-person appointment.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Bring your identification and social security number.  

Q How much does a marriage license cost?

A There is a $86.00 fee for each marriage license.  The fee is reduced to $61 with a certificate of completion of the premarital course.  

Q Where do I take the premarital course?

 A The Clerk will provide you a list of qualified providers. 

Q When should I apply for the marriage license?

A The marriage license is good for 60 days.  Therefore, you should apply within 60 days of the ceremony, and it must be given to the officiant no later than the day of the ceremony. The license allows the ceremony to be held anywhere in Florida. 

Q What happens with the marriage license after we get married?

A The license is returned to the county clerk to be recorded.  

PLEASE NOTE:  I provide this service as part of my rate.

Q Do I need a witness in order to be legally married?

A No, FL does not require witnesses to be present at the ceremony to be legally married, nor does it require signatures of witnesses on the marriage license.

Q Do you need to exchange rings for the ceremony?

A No, in FL there is no legal requirement to exchange rings.

Q If we have different religious backgrounds, can we both have that be incorporated in the ceremony?

A Yes, I would be more than happy to help unite those traditions and beliefs into your ceremony.

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